ALOTA Districts

ALOTA is divided into six geographical districts to provide better service to our members.

  • North
  • North Central
  • Central
  • East Central
  • South
  • Wiregrass

Each district provides educational and information exchange with other members in the district. The district chairpersons are members of the ALOTA Executive Board, which gives each district statewide representation in issues affecting your district.

As a member, you are not required to restrict yourself to the district in which you live and/or work if you would prefer to participate in another district.

When joining ALOTA, select the district with which you wish to affiliate as an active member. Identify a second district to receive notice about meetings in that district as well.

District Chairs

North District
Andrea Hunter and Laura Smith 
[email protected]

North Central District
R.J. Higginbotham and Tammy Gipson
[email protected]

East Central District
Mia Tigue 
[email protected]

Central District
Dewayne Hamilton
[email protected]

South District
Candra Taylor and Lindsey Dana
[email protected]

Wiregrass District